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Over 48 years of treating you

We offer alternative, conventional, and holistic treatments at competitive prices, which have virtually no side effects.  We’ll give you products that treat the whole body nutritionally to provide maximum health.

Glendora's specialists for

  • Natural Hormones  

  • Nutrition

  • IV Chelation

  • Hair Analysis

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Our affiliations

We are affiliated to the American College for the Advancement of Medicine, American Preventive Medical Association, and the International College of Applied Nutrition. Dr. Privitera has served on the board of the National Health Federation and the Los Angeles County Milk Commission.

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  • Live Blood Analysis

  • Thyroid testing

  • Mineral testing

  • Immunity treatment

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Dr. Privitera M.D. Commemoration party is upcoming. We Have IV's all week now!

Nutrition, Live Blood Cell Analysis, Chlation Ther

Our price list

1st visit


Live blood cell analysis (including urine, pH, and blood sugar tests)

Chelation IV therapy

Vitamin C IV

Nutritional IV

Myer's Cocktail

Vitamin Push IV

Chelation Push

Glutathione Push

Hydrogen Peroxide IV

B Complex shot

Calcium magnesium shot

Immune group shot

Testosterone shot

Triple allergy shot

Hair analysis (for mineral deficiency

and heavy-metal poisoning)