James R. Privitera,
Medical Director

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Dr. James Privitera, M.D: expert in alternative therapies Dr. James Privitera, M.D.- Internationally acclaimed researcher, author, and leading authority on natural, nontoxic alternative therapies. A pioneer in darkfield microscopy. 

Affiliations-American College for the Advancement of Medicine, American Preventive Medical Association, and the International College of Applied Nutrition. Dr. Privitera has served on the board of the National Health Federation and the Los Angeles County Milk Commission. 

Specialties-Allergy, Nutrition, Chelation, Clot Detection, Darkfield Microscopy, Toxicity Testing, Mineral Testing, Immunity Testing.

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Dr. James Privitera M.D. 
625 E. Arrow Hwy #6  
Glendora, CA 91740
Phone: 626-852-7843 
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Office hours-Monday through Thursday 8-6, Friday-Saturday 9-6, Sunday Noon-6.
Sorry, we can only accept appointments by telephone. 

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