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Consult with our holistic doctors at this

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best suits you:


Get a treatment program that's customized to your needs. We'll help prevent your problems from recurring.

Giving importance to your overall well-being

Have you experienced relapses of earlier illnesses? That intermittent fever or respiratory problem never seems to go away despite several visits to doctors and dozens of medicines. This is because doctors usually treat the symptoms of your illness rather than the root cause. Our in house Naturopathic Dr. tries to get to the root cause.


Here at Dr. Privitera’s Holistic Clinic, our specialists practice holistic treatment followowing the guidlines Dr. Privitera set down in 1968. Holistic medicine aims at seeing you as a whole person — body, mind, and spirit. The principle philosophy behind this type of treatment is that you can achieve optimal health by maintaining a proper balance in your life.

Dedicated to making you whole

We see a disease as a physical, emotional, or spiritual imbalance in your life that affects your overall health. By fixing the root cause of what ails you, we’ll contribute to curing the affected parts of your body to make you hale and hearty once again.

Do you suffer from migraines often?

We’ll help you out. As Glendora’s experienced holistic center, we employ all forms of health care from conventional to alternative therapies.

We don’t just stop at prescribing medicines

to treat you.


Our doctor will consider all the potential

factors that might be causing your headaches, from sleep habits to personal problems.

We’ll come up with a holistic plan that will involve drugs as well as changes to your

lifestyle to prevent headaches in future.

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