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You're not just any patient for us.

We look at you as a whole human being

and treat you accordingly.


Balanced programs designed for you

The usual procedure that follows when you go to a doctor for your illness is that they’ll test you, diagnose you, and treat you with a variety of medicines.

This treatment may or may not be effective depending on your reaction

to the medicines.


At Dr. Privitera's Holistic Clinic, once we diagnose you, we’ll come up with the best plan to cure you of your illness. This could either involve only conventional medicine, complementary medicine, or alternative medicine. We’ve been helping Glendora’s residents since 1968 by formulating plans that are balanced and suited to their


Complementary medicine

works wonders

The prescribed treatment for you could fall under the category of complementary medicine, which is the branch of medicine used together with standard, or conventional, medicine. For example, if you’ve had surgery, we can prescribe aromatherapy to help relieve your discomfort.

We can also try the alternative for you

Chelation therapy is a common treatment if you're suffering from heart disease. This type of medicine is called alternative medicine and is used in place of standard medicine. Our olive leaf extract method is also an option if you find yourself feeling fatigued often or have high blood pressure.

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